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BHLDN, Urban Outfitters’ anti-princess bridal brand, asked 160over90 to create awareness and familiarity.


When it comes to the bridal product landscape, customers will find a sea of sameness out in stores and online shops. Traditionally, about 95% of all products in the bridal category could be described as Disney-princess style. The rest of the market is shared by a few high-end brands. BHLDN recognized a market opportunity and audience that is completely underserved: the soulful, free-spirited, irreverent and modern woman who wants a dress that amplifies and supports her personality for an affordable budget. To keep costs low, BHLDN was launched in 2011 as an online brand only.


To counterbalance the lack of awareness in not having physical retail space, we created a highly interactive campaign and targeted customers where they buy much of their products: online. As the fit and movement of a dress and material are key to the decision-making process, we created ads that highlighted exactly that. Videos of a woman walking in different dresses shot from three perspectives and supported by an interactive magnifying effect (triggered by mouse-over movement), to see not only the way the dress falls but all the details of it, too. Supporting campaign elements included a microsite and contest, print ads and out-of-home elements.


With an average click-through rate of 0.08 to 0.12 percent for online banners, the whopping click-through rate of 0.48 percent of our campaign gave BHLDN the rocketing launch it had been aiming for, and increased brand awareness and sales.

.48% Click-Through Rate
23% Increase in Brand Awareness
12% Increase in Sales