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This one is for bread. That meant combating the anti-carb attitude that was invading the country. That started with getting back to basics. Why do we like bread? It’s holds everything that happens in our lives from soccer practice to yoga. It keeps us whole.


Bread has gotten a bad name. But why? It’s so good. This challenge wasn’t just about marketing bread it was about what has made America great. Who doesn’t love a PB&J, a Ham & Cheese or a cheesesteak (certainly no one from Philly)? But with the gluten allergy, the lo-carb diet and every other excuse, bread has become the enemy. For Bimbo Bakeries USA the, largest baking company in the world with operations in 22 countries and the only commercial bakery manufacturer to serve all 50 states, that hit hard.


As bread lovers, we knew the challenge was bigger than just ABO it was to fix bread. So we set out to learn from America. We sent our teams into markets across the country to talk to Moms, Dads and their kids. The result was to change the conversation to from the crust debate to what happens in between every slice. It started with a full brand platform embracing “The Slices of Life” which lead to a strategic rollout in every medium from print to video. We even asked our friend and world famous chef Tom Colicchio for his help. We knew our biggest opportunity for change was meeting our audience where they were, Instagram of course, to give the delicious bread from Stroehmann and Freihofer’s brands a reason to be relevant to real life.


If you ever thought carefully crafted sandwich gifs would become a trend you haven’t seen their Instagram channel, where every post outperformed all the content from last year. Don’t worry America, we believe this is the year of bread.