What You Don’t Know About What You Think You Know. You Know?


Sometimes you don’t really know what it is you think you know. There are few subjects that imbue as much misinformation as modern psychology. The human mind remains a mystery to most laymen, yet every day we are inundated with opinions, myths, and lore taken as gospel truths through bevy and repetition.


The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine is a 118-year-old institution renowned for training osteopaths. What is far less known is that for the past two decades PCOM has offered degrees in Psychology as well. To drive awareness for PCOM’s Psychology offering we developed a campaign that played with popular misconceptions that are taken as common knowledge, dispelling the ‘pop’ psychology, and presenting PCOM as an authority through a strong call to action to ‘Seek the truth about psychology’ at PCOM.





Our work used the vibrancy of the master brand we created for PCOM playing with the secondary color palette and bold type mixed with refined illustration and patterns. The tone was quick and engaging, using the viewer’s inner monologue and preconceptions to complete each message. We placed ads in a variety of public and outdoor spaces, and used the placements to add depth to our communication. Opening and closing subway doors provided an opportunity to present a layered message, while subway posters offered riders moments of playful contemplation. Each piece asked the viewer to question what it is they think they know about how their mind works, making them more self-aware and more aware of the truth about psychology thanks to PCOM.

Team time:
Chief Executive Officer and Founder: Shannon Slusher
Chief Creative Officer and Founder: Darryl Cilli
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Penning
Group Creative Director: Brian MacDonald
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Brendan McGann
Associate Creative Director: Eric Haag
Senior Designer: Josh Schott
Account Supervisor: Maggie Giuffrida
Account Director: Katie Foley
Project Manager: Amanda Anderson
Production Manager: Lance Wexler



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