Transforming Spaces that Transform Lives

When furniture rep Matteo Coscia approached us to name and brand his firm, we started by working to understand how he approaches design; how he transforms spaces to become healthier and more productive environments:

What if half an inch of change in desk height could relieve a back problem? Or if modifying a color scheme could promote a healthier work environment?

We learned that he and his team take a highly personal approach. They look to understand how individuals interact and engage with their environment. They then bring their unique understanding of ergonomics and aesthetics to outfit spaces with furniture that promotes wellness. The identity design for the Coscia Contract brand strives to illustrate this personal and insightful approach.



The logotype is intended to have a sophisticated but conversational feel. The unique organic shape of the dotted “i” serves as a memorable element and illustrates the individualized approach Coscia has with each client.



The logo mark uses the same unique shape of the dotted “i” as a container which holds the abbreviated version of the logo; the logo mark was designed to be flexible and take the shape of multiple organic forms.


A combination of elements including color, pattern, mark, and type come together to form the brand. Textural woodgrain and a warm red help bring warmth to a company that’s dedicated to considered details. 


Classic logo-stamped pencils, a custom labeled envelope, a letterhead with a woodgrain border, and edge-painted business cards come together to form the brand’s stationary package.

CosciaContract-Mockup_Final-j CosciaContract-Mockup_Final-k


Chief Executive Officer and Founder: Shannon Slusher
Chief Creative Officer and Founder: Darryl Cilli
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Penning
Copywriter: Sean Pezzulo
Designer: Ben Harrison
Project Manager: Lauren Sylvester