#OptimismCan and Optimism Did

To its students, alumni and faculty, UCLA provides quite a bit. Think sunny skies, diverse perspectives, and most importantly, brighter futures. While our partnership only began five short years ago, the milestones we’ve reached together have been nothing short of remarkable. Our collaboration was founded upon a core truth, the manner in which UCLA approaches every problem, an unbridled Optimism.

Our first campaign set out to capture UCLA’s positivity sourced directly from the institution’s greatest achievement—its alumni. We curated their history defining stories across every platform for all the world to see. Featured alumni included the first mom in space, the first African American professional baseball player, and a creator of the world-wide web. UCLA’s impact on history never stopped, so neither did the creative.

A few years into the Optimism campaign, we evolved the work from showing history to making it. We introduced a new class of Optimists. Modern students, scholars, scientists, actors, and athletes, all actively advancing today. Real research, real progress—now. In not-so-short a time, we found ourselves working with as many as three Optimists per placement, simply because UCLA had that many stories to tell.

This year, the world needed the power of Optimism more than ever. We allowed our newest class of Optimists to directly showcase their unique perspectives, sharing UCLA with the world. The world heard. UCLA earned a number one ranking in both the nation and the world.

With UCLA’s centennial drawing near, we’re excited to initiate the next 100 years of Optimism.




Sig Gross—GCD
Harilaos Skourtis—ACD
Christian Sternal—ACD
Matthew Grier—Sr. Designer
Kevin Zengel—Sr. Copywriter
Kieran De La Harpe—Sr. Account Executive
Sarah Light—Account Executive
Jenna Force—Project Manager
Konstantino Psimaris—Director
Johnny Andow—Asst. Director
Beth Julian—Production Manager
David Morrison—DP
Justin Padilla—Editor
Shane Roberts—Retoucher
Ryan Blane—Director of Interactive
Anthony Robinson—Director of Digital Strategy
Alex Herold—Account Director
Nicole Glukert—Social Media Strategist
Erika Hineman—Social Content Specialist