More Alike Than You Think

To capitalize off of their Super Bowl-winning momentum (in case you haven’t heard, the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII, defeating the New England Patriots 41-33 in a game that featured perennial backup Nick Foles catching a touchdown on the greatest play in NFL history while golden boy Tom Brady dropped a wide-open pass that any 75-year-old grandma could’ve reeled in), the Philadelphia Eagles looked to extend their audience across the globe. So this season, as the team was set to embark on their first overseas game in London, 160 worked to help the Eagles make their presence known across the pond.

We’re talking double-decker bus wraps, tube takeovers, massive wall projections, and a video series called A Pint of Philly—all created in an effort to connect with our new audience.

The problem is: connecting with the Brits isn’t so easy. On the surface, Philadelphians and Londoners don’t seem to have a lot in common. What they call football, we call boring. They drive on the left, we drive wherever we want. But if you actually sit down with a bloke and pour yourself a pint, and then pour yourself another pint, you’ll see that we’re more alike than you think.

And their football isn’t so bad after all.


Bangers and Mash EAGL-161-60c London Game Concept_DigitalBoard_DashingPrince_MECH[2] Find the Gap



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