Insights from the Intern

As the newest copywriting intern at 160over90, I’m in prime position to offer some unbiased insight on the current inner workings here at the Philadelphia agency (and by that, I mean I haven’t been assigned any real work yet, so I have unlimited opportunity to lurk next to the espresso machine and watch the creatives’ every move).

The building itself is awesome. I mean that. Stepping into my first advertising agency, I expected to find either rigid cubicle life or complete creative chaos. I was ecstatic to see 160 settle perfectly between the two. The agency is all worn-in Converse alongside modern architecture (heads-up, future interns: don’t put your fingers on the glass doors. Just don’t). I found Monster Beats headphones plugged into 27-inch Apple screens, and sunlit brainstorming rooms strewn with Burger King happy meal toys (they say it’s for research, but I’ll believe that one when I see it).

The work done here is even cooler. It’s clear that 160’s employees take pride in their individual work, which contributes to the consistent success of the final product. On my second day, a creative director sat me down to go over an endless list of techniques utilized to construct a unique, recognizable brand. In addition to the experienced copywriters, I’ve gotten to learn a little from 160’s designers and developers. I’ve spent hours over a guy named MadDog’s shoulder, watching him piece together design elements to make undeniably incredible websites (though I’m not sure he knows that, so let’s keep it on the DL). As a first-time intern, I can’t describe how lucky I feel to be learning from some of the brightest minds in the business.

Besides the unlimited organic coffee and the promise of something called ‘Beer Friday,’ I’m pretty sure it’s these super brains and personalities that make 160 the place it is. I can’t say how many times coworkers have gone out of their way to find my little intern corner and say hello. They’ve been receptive of the nervous, overdressed college chick following them to lunch, patient with my thousands of questions, and even tolerant of (if amused by) my frantic note-scribbling in their meetings. Long story short: 160, you rock, and I’m thrilled to be here.

Thanks for the opportunity/Sorry for creepin’,


Beer Friday is a win.

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