Guess who’s writing this copy? That’s right, a Copywriter! Fortunately, most of our Copywriters rarely find themselves mired in the depths of agency website copy, instead focusing on crafting stories for everything from 64-page viewbooks to billboards to television scripts. You’ll work alongside Designers to build new brands and further develop established ones. And you’ll get to present your own work to clients. It will be fun, we promise.

Location: Gainesville
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  • Interview clients and other sources for information in order to generate strategies, concepts and copy
  • Conduct primary and secondary research in order to fully understand a client’s business
  • Collaborate with Account Managers, Creative Directors, Production, Designers, Public Relations, Developers and other Creative/Interactive personnel to generate marketing plans, concepts, outlines, site maps and manuscripts
  • Proofread and edit copy
  • Attend and supervise photography, film and editing sessions in order to complete creative concepts
  • Present concepts and copy at internal check-ins and client presentations
  • Pitch in on agency-generated proposals and marketing initiatives
  • Mentor other members of the agency in best practices
  • Present agency work at industry conferences
  • Assist in recruiting department personnel, including Interns
  • Work collaboratively in a team environment to ensure brand consistency across client initiatives
  • Adhere to timelines and manage priorities to meet milestones and deadlines