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Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University

In the Home of the 12th Man, Aggies are no strangers to the spotlight. But Texas A&M University had a story to tell much bigger than college football, and enlisted our help to tell it.


As the first public university in the Lone Star state, Texas A&M is teeming with rich history and traditions familiar to many who have never even stepped foot on campus. But most were unaware that this once primarily agricultural and mechanical college boasts impressive academia and research, gaining victories that span far beyond the football field.


We saw firsthand what this powerhouse institution can accomplish when Aggies bond together as a family and become a force of nature. From deep sea drilling to exploring space, from alternative fuels to attacking cancer, Texas A&M has a hand in almost every area of global research. They are fearless on every front.

With an ambitions fundraising campaign, we created a massive card stunt that took over their remodeled Kyle Field. Then, we launched a donor event featuring Earth, Wind and Fire that sparked support from donors, media, and current and former students. Next, our “ripped-from-the-headlines” advertising campaign spanned the nation, most notably taking over the busiest station in D.C., and scattering the web with ads that drove to a unique microsite hub. The rally cry of the campaign was encapsulated by a poetic, powerful anthem video that captured the sprit and collective purpose of the university—to improve lives everywhere.


The campaign reached millions of people across key audiences and helped the university surpass 57% of their ambitious $4 billion fundraising goal nearly 100 days into the launch. Texas A&M is now seen not only in the forefront of athletics, but in every area of impact throughout Texas, the country, and the world. As our partnership continues, we are bringing to light the complete Aggie story in a way that’s never been done before. One that showcases the fearlessness of this community, in and outside the classroom, on and off the field.

Reached 57% of $4 billion fundraising goal in 100 days
Reached millions across key audiences