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House of Zwack

House of Zwack

Zwack, a bitter herbal liqueur and the national drink of Hungary, partnered with us to reinvent the brand for the U.S. market to boost awareness and sales.


Zwack had previously been launched in the U.S. market as a high-energy occasion shot to compete with the likes of Jägermeister. After dismal results, the brand turned to us to reposition and relaunch Zwack, and to do the same for two additional liqueurs.


While other liqueur brands create false histories around their products or look for celebrity spokespersons to represent them, Zwack has an unbelievable, real story. We realized that the liqueur is as complex as its story, and is the perfect addition for mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts looking for new ways to push their craft. With that realization, we launched the House of Zwack — a family of liqueurs as intriguing as the people who serve and drink them.


The House of Zwack was launched at Portland Cocktail Week in 2012. Since then, sales of the three liqueurs have increased 144 percent. The brand has been adopted by the most influential mixologists in the U.S. and can now be found in some of the most progressive cocktail bars in the country, New York’s Pouring Ribbons. In 2013, the Tempest, a Zwack-based cocktail, was named “Best Cocktail in New York.” The House of Zwack liqueurs has received increased media coverage and has been covered in Food & Wine and Bon Appetit. Our work for the House of Zwack has been recognized by The One Show and Graphis.

Recognized by:

144% Sales Increase
Best Cocktail in New York
Increase Media Coverage