What is the Unexpected?

Ohio Northern University embodies the unexpected. Situated in northwest Ohio, their region of the country is a crowded space for higher education, with many small private schools competing against each other and against many big universities.

 To help attract the attention of prospective students and ultimately drive enrollment, we created an admissions video. We worked in close collaboration with the team at ONU to showcase the idea of embracing the unexpected.

The spot aired as a commercial during the Super Bowl in the midwest. That setting in itself was unexpected. It caught people off guard. It made them pay attention. It got them excited. It made them proud. They liked, they shared, they snapped. They rewatched it online. They wrote letters. They sent texts. It got a lot of people talking about Ohio Northern over in Ada, Ohio: current students, alumni, faculty, and of course prospectives and their parents.

It also broke through the clutter. The Super Bowl debut and organic video exposure was bolstered by paid media video placements on Facebook, YouTube and audience and contextually targeted sites across the web. To date, with a modest budget behind it, the video has been viewed online more than 1.5 million times, generated over 24,000 website sessions and contributed to a 20% YOY increase in new visitors to the site.



Chief Executive Officer and Founder: Shannon Slusher
Chief Creative Officer and Founder: Darryl Cilli
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Penning
Group Creative Director: Brian MacDonald
Associate Creative Director: Eric Haag
Associate Creative Director: Max Paolucci
Account Supervisor: Maggie Giuffrida
Writer: Sean Pezzulo
Art Director: Ben Harrison
Director: Johnny Andow
Producer: Justin Padilla
Editor: Alex Ayabe
Motion Designer: Tim Skinner
Project Manager: Amanda Anderson

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