The Gator Good is Getting Even Better

People tend to tune out problems that seem too big to handle. Species extinction—“Ok, yeah that would suck if there’s no more adorable panda bears, but what can I do about it?” Or our kids’ futures—“Yes, I get it, education is important. The government is on it, I’m sure.”

So as we approached year three of the University of Florida’s Gator Good campaign, we saw an opportunity to turn distance from problems into access to solutions.


Above all, UF has a knack for bringing the right people to the table for any given challenge. This year that means you. Yes, you. (“Me?” You might ask. Yes, you are the “me” we are talking to.)



The first step was a visual overhaul of the campaign to open up the aperture of who the Gator Good belongs to. This isn’t solely a UF initiative. The Gator Good affects us all, so exploring elements beyond the university brand allowed those off campus to start owning the campaign.

When developing the game-time PSAs we took a similar tact. It isn’t so much that UF has the best people in the country tackling our biodiversity challenges (which they do), but that we all have a part in addressing it, that starts with understanding the problem.


To support all this, we brought back WWE superstar and UF alumnus Thaddeus Bullard aka Titus O’Neil to ignite the fans. With a little help from his friends Steve Spurrier, Jenn Brown, Kevin Carter and more, Titus is helping raise participation in tackling the problems through a partnership with fundraising platform Prizeo.

With the overall goal to foster engagement in being a part of our world’s solutions, the Gator Good has grown to be more than a UF campaign and something we can all have a stake in.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder: Shannon Slusher
Chief Creative Officer and Founder: Darryl Cilli
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Penning
Group Creative Director: Greg Ash
Director: Konstantinos Psimaris
Producer: Justin Padilla
Editor: Ryan Camp
Interactive Director: Ryan Blain
Creative Director: Alex Liebold
Sr. Designer: Walton Dale
Designer: Ismael Lopez
Account Supervisor: Isabella Jebian
Resource Manager: Lauren Sylvester
Project Manager: Austin Manganiello
WWE Superstar: Titus O’Neil

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