Playing Our Cards Right

A teenager, their parents, and a handful of strangers go on a college tour. What’s awkward about that?

The University of Dayton student tour guides could not be more enthusiastic. Still, students tended to remain passive during the tour. Dayton wanted to change that, and invited 160over90 to retool their tour so that students could dig deeper, transforming their first steps on campus into an immersive experience.

The tour gave us an opportunity to bring home The University of Dayton brand message—challenging students to become the change the world needs. To do that, we created a card set that would engage prospective students immediately upon their arrival, keep pace with the tour, and then encourage further exploration on campus and beyond. (It’s amazing what you can accomplish with the promise of a special edition t-shirt.)

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Engaging illustrations of campus features accompany fun facts and questions to get prospective students thinking about every aspect of Dayton from school spirit to study abroad.

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Along their route, they begin envisioning their journey at the University of Dayton and planning future adventures. After the tour, the cards become a tangible reminder of all the things that make the UD student experience unique. And also, there’s a t-shirt:

_MG_0171_r copy _MG_0174_r

Executive Creative Director, Principal – Steve Penning
Group Creative Director– Cory McCall
Group Account Director – Dan Giroux
Account Director – Evelyn Capistrano
Associate Creative Director – Adam Ward
Designer – Greg Puglese
Copywriter – Allison Dobkin
Project Manager – Kristin Weber




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