Here is How (Your Branding Could Be Better)

Here is how. Going anywhere starts here. How is here. Here is the how and the starting starts here. If you look at enough college branding, it all starts to mesh together into one big word salad of wheres and hows and right nows.

A recent article from Inside Higher Ed does a great job of explaining why so many branding and advertising efforts miss the mark and land in a pile of same-ness (Ologie branding for the University of Buffalo being just the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg):

“Why college brands look so similar”

Says 160 partner Darryl Cilli, “too often, colleges’ branding experts look to other colleges for inspiration, and similar ideas take hold across institutions. Prospective students want to go somewhere they feel connected to intellectually and emotionally. When a college’s marketing feels uninspired, those students won’t feel that connection.”

Connecting with students has nothing to do with budgets, or ad costs, but finding a unique position in a crowded market; finding a story to tell and then the best way to tell it. It’s why it’s so important to look beyond higher ed when finding inspiration for art and copy.

And although it’s not always easy (many colleges are admittedly similar), it’s the kind of problem we love solving. Hey, we even wrote a book about it a few years back. (It’s called Three and a Tree and it’s proudly holding steady at #114,630 in books on Amazon.)

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