Helping Array reintroduce themselves.

Array Architects has a great story to tell.

They’re an architecture firm with three decades worth of experience designing for the healthcare industry. When we met Array, they were looking for a new way to tell their story — and in doing so, set themselves apart from their competition.

As we got to know their firm, we discovered that Array is a collection of designers, architects, and planners who all share a common desire: to use their talents for good.

This shared sense of purpose makes them stand out. Because while all architects deal with relationships — between objects, spaces, and the way people interact with them — Array also specializes in building relationships with their clients, and the patients, families, and caregivers who use these spaces they design.

The new Array brand personifies their firm as the approachable, collaborative, trusted experts that they are.

A few months ago, Array came to us looking to tell their story better. Today, we’re excited to unveil the first telling of this story with their new website:

Array Architects website preview.

Array Architects website preview.

Array Architect's website preview.


Account Director: Megan Pomplas
Account Executive:  Nicole Benson
Creative Director:  Cory McCall
Designers:   Konstantinos Psimaris & James Anderson
Copywriter:  Kris Blake
Photographer: Tom Ammon
Build:  Mike Medoro

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