Baby Got Back. Seat.

Chicco (pronounced kee-koh) is an Italian-based company that makes products for people who make babies. With a firm authority in the car seat industry, and building on the success of their #1 rated KeyFit car seat, Chicco USA was about to introduce a revolutionary infant car seat to the market: the Fit2™. Prior to launching this first-of-its-kind product through an initial 6-month, exclusive partnership at Babies R Us, they needed our help to position its value to new moms and dads everywhere.

First, we had to unpack what that value actually was—what differentiated the Fit2™. For those who don’t know about car seats, they all fall into infant, convertible, or booster seat classifications. But the Fit2™ has an innovative two-stage base allowing it to fit both newborns and toddlers, while preserving the rear-facing safety and portability of a traditional infant seat, so it didn’t fit neatly into one category. Our job was to educate new parents and prove to them that the Fit2™ is the only car seat they need for the first 24 months. And with that, comes the best feature of all: relief.


We immersed ourselves in the mindset of first timers. We surveyed the moms and dads, we visited the retailers, we tested the competition, and we even talked to some babies (they didn’t really have much to add). We realized that it can be an insanely complicated landscape to navigate, but there are a few consistent truths that all new parents share.

As you watch your first baby grow, you try to slow down time by savoring every moment and hanging on to every first—smile, step, word—for as long as you can. Because amidst the overwhelming nature of parenthood, there’s comfort in having something you can hang on to. We told parents to cherish, coddle, and treasure away, because Chicco believes that all firsts should last—and now their first car seat can do just that.

To get the ball rolling, we released a social media teaser campaign featuring babies’ first moments and centered around the hashtag #FirstsShouldLast. The creative gradually introduced the product’s features and encouraged followers to share their own milestone moments.

Social Phones

The heartwarming campaign was also brought to life in print and digital channels, with every execution pushing viewers to the Fit2™ homepage



Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.01.36 AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.02.19 AM

The results were astounding. With an initial average conversion rate (people clicking “Shop” or “Buy”) of 12.38% and average visit time of 9 minutes, the site launched with flying colors and continues to perform well beyond expectations.

Now we’re just excited to see what will come next on the (safe) road ahead with Chicco.

Executive Creative Director, Principal – Steve Penning
Group Creative Director– Tracy Donofry
Group Account Director – Sonya Cooper
Account Director – Joseph Witmer
Associate Creative Director – Kyle Ferino
Designers – PJ Crisanti, Justin Spinozzi, Courtney Brown
Copywriters – Sean Pezzulo, Rachel Silverbauer
Director of Interactive – Ryan Blain
Digital Strategist – Anthony Robinson
Senior Interactive Designer – Wesley Kloss
Motion/VFX – Chris Lee, Tim Skinner
Photography/Retouching – Shayne Ross, Robert Carter
Project Manager – Kelli Gannon
Social Media Strategist – Nicole Glueckert

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