100 Years into the Future

For those who think a museum is little more than a large window to the past, think again. The Florida Museum of Natural History is a living and breathing collection of forward-looking scientists that are curating ideas that could save our future.

Chartered as the state’s official Natural History Museum in 1917, the FMNH is a leading authority in biodiversity and cultural heritage, using its expertise to solve real world problems, and impact public policy and perception as we face what it calls, “a 6th mass extinction.”

160over90 worked closely with the museum to create two videos that debuted at its 100th Anniversary Gala.  Each one celebrates the museum’s mission, and creates a compelling call to action for all of us to take a closer look at the world around us.

Executive Producer: Tom Ammon
Digital Creative Director: Konstintinos Psimaris
Producer: Justin Padilla
Director: Johnny Andow
Creative Director: Max Paolucci
Editor: Alex Ayabe

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